Mudflow in Devdoraki Gorge

As a result of mudflow occurrence from Devdoraki glacier on June 23, 2016 in Dariali Gorge, Tergi River changed its flow and damaged approximately 800 meters of Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi 134-135 km highway. Currently, due to the natural processes, all traffic movement is prohibited.

After two intensive movements of Dariali glacier in 2014, Georgian government in coordination with Dariali Energy, installed an early warning system at the adjoining point of Amali-Devdoraki rivers – a 24 hours monitoring which gives the possibility of an early warning of the natural processes. System automatically measures precipitation, temperature and atmospheric pressure, obtained information is transmitted in an online regime to give warning of any future significant events. Warning dissemination mechanism and careful monitoring from Dariali Energy ensured the safety of personnel involved with Dariali Energy’s HPP in timely and reliable manner, further Dariali fully cooperated with the relevant authorities during the emergency response which successfully resulted in the evacuation of the area and no personal safety incidents to project workers, highway users and the local population. Automatic meteorological station once again highlighted the importance of high-tech warning systems for the safety of the population-the signal was transferred few minutes earlier, people were successfully evacuated from the danger zone.

As of today, no damage has been observed on Dariali HPP technical structures, although due to the safety measures, all installation works of Dariali HPP are temporarily suspended.

Once the road restoration works are completed by the State, all corresponding works will be renewed by Dariali Energy.