Mudflow in Devdoraki Gorge

On August 20, 2014 at 22:00 pm in Dariali Gorge, at the joining point of the Tergi and Amali-Devdoraki Rivers there occured a mudflow. On August 21 the group of hydrologists, geologists and glaciologists of National Environmental Agency under the Ministry of Environmental and natural Resources Protection inspected the Mkinvartsveri in Dariali Gorge, the Devdoraki and Amali Gorges and adjacent sections from helicopter.The hydrologists and geologists made a primary assessment of the natural processes and defined the risks according to which there are not identified any kind of the complications and deformations. The mudflow occurance at the joining point of the Tergi and Amali-Devdoraki rivers is the result of intensive precipitation during which the material left behaind the mudflow of May 17, 2014 was activated.The specialists are carrying out non-stopmonitoring not only of the Gorge, but also the adjacent territory of the glacier. Thus, in the Devdoraki Gorge, the mass (material) left behaind during the previous mudflow (May 17, 2014) was moved due to the heavy precipitation. There are not fixed (observed) any new sections of mudflow tearing away. Approximate volume of carried out material equals about one million cubic meters.

According to the specialists of the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources Protection, like all gullies characterized by mudflows, the Devdoraki Gorge is characterized by periodical activation, however it is impossible to predict the specific time of the natural calamity since it significantly depends on the atmospheric precipitation.

In order to define the circumstances of the developed natural phenomenon on the Devdoraki glacier, there was created an extraordinary group of the specialists at the National Environmental Agency of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection. The members of the group visually inspected the Devdoraki Gorge. According to the monitoring, there is still a risk of natural processes activation on the Devdoraki glacier. There was made a decision to establish a 24 hours monitoring in Dariali Gorge which will give possibility of early warning about the natural process. In addition, there will be measuring precipitation, temperature and atmospheric pressure in an automatic regime and the information obtained will be transmitted in an online regime to the Central Office of the National Environmental Agency. Also, there was developed and completed the ToR for the purchase of the modern equipment ensuring the work of early warning system in an online regime.The procedures for the purchase of the equipment from leading European companies are already underway at the National Environmental Agency.