Dariali HPP: Demonstrating Best Environmental Practice

Dariali Energy is pleased to report that the first electricity was produced in November, 2016 during HPP well advancing commissioning process, after a 5 year construction period. As stated at the outset of this project Dariali Energy is committed to achieving best practice in environmental and social stewardship and governance. As part of this ongoing commitment Dariali HPP has been constructed in accordance with internationally recognized standards and provides an example of HPP development and production of renewable energy in Georgia.

The design of the HPP includes construction and completion of a fish pass which confirms the company’s commitment to maintain river biodiversity and efforts to mitigate any potential environment impact. Effective design and management of fish passes are essential importance for the maintenance of free passage for fish and other aquatic species during migration season. The fish path incorporated into the design of Dariali HPP will create maximum natural conditions to the ichtyophauna of river Tergi and will enable the current fish population of brown trout to migrate freely to find the best places to feed, shelter, spawn and grow.

Dariali Energy has invested significant time and effort in the development of a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and Monitoring Programs to maintain the conservation status of the River Tergi. The company has appointed specialist advisors “Blue Rivers” to develop the BAP and provide independent monitoring of its effectiveness. Dariali Energy is delighted to announce that during HPP commission the fish pass has been proven to be utilised by migrating fish and is therefore fully effective. Dariali Energy, our advisers and other key stakeholders, will continue close monitoring of the fish pass ensuring the best conditions for effective fish pass operation and reporting of performance. An invitation to attend a consultation on this matter will be extended following the completion of commissioning.